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                Donghang to Attend Printing South China 2017

                Form:本站Time:2017-2-9 16:28:49

                March 1 to 3, 2017, the 24th South ChinaInternational Exhibition on Printing Industry (Printing South China 2017) shallbe held in China Import and Export Fair Complex Guangzhou, PR China. The exhibitionwill be a comprehensive display of domestic and foreign printing equipment,printing technology to promote development trends. Printing South China, inconjunction with the concurrent events including Sino-Label, Sino-Pack andPACKINNO, will cover the entire industry chain ranging from printing, labeling,packaging to packaging products, creating a one-stop purchasing platform forbuyers.

                Weifang Donghang will bring its F2 seriesflexo machine DHF201430-4 to exhibitors.

                The machine adopts servo control system, characterizedwith automatic registration, high precision printing, high printing stability, quickregister, lower loss, high production efficiency. It can be widely used in beerboxes, beverage boxes, food boxes, milk cartons and other pre-printed carton andpackaging paper, packaging bags. It can print on paperboard, art paper,nonwoven fabric, paper-plastic composite materials, etc.

                Weifang Donghang booth number 11.1-C535

                We welcome your visit!

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