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                Weifang Donghang Chairman Attends China Flexo Printing Council Meeting

                Form:本站Time:2015-12-17 13:54:44

                December 17, 2015, Flexo Printing Council under China Printing Technology Association held a meeting at Shanghai Dazhong International Conference Hotel.

                Deputy Chairman of China Printing Association and Chairman of Shanghai Printing Association Li Xinli, Chairman of Flexo Printing Council Gong Rentao, Executive Deputy Chairman of Shanghai Printing Association as well as other members of the flexo printing council attend the meeting. Deputy Chairman of the council Mr Xu Wencai summarizes flexo printing work in 2015 and also lists priorities in 2016, and name list of 3rd council members is also announced in this meeting.

                President Mr Meng Fanxiang of Weifang Donghang Graphic Technology Inc. attends the meeting as the deputy chairman of China Flexo Printing Council.

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