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                January 4, 2015, national industrial standard of self-adhesive label printing machine is published. Donghang is one of the main major participant.

                December 5,2014, Donghang successfully attended Labelexpo South China.

                November 14-17, Weifang Donghang successfully attends All in Print China 2014 in Shanghai.

                October 23, 2014, 3rd General Meeting and 8th Annual Meeting of CFTA co-organized by Donghang is held in Weifang.

                October 17, 2014, Donghang receives “2014 China Label Industry Annual Technical Innovation Award”.

                On July 1, 2014, Satellite-type Flexo Printing Machine, Single-sheet Flatbed Printing Machine Electrical Equipment General Rules compiled by Donghang and others are officially effective.

                May 2014, Donghang successfully develops flower-type double servo motor flexographic printing machine.
                March 5, 2014, Donghang passes annual external audit of quality management system.

                October 2013, to further enhance the ability of technological innovation and product quality, the company invites a Spanish expert for technical guidance.

                September 24-27, 2013, the company attends Europe Label Printing Expo held in Brussels, Belgium.

                September 18, 2013, Donghang starts to move to a new factory site, which is the fifth relocation in Donghang’s history.

                Mid-August 2013, LABELEXPO EUROPE 2013 official magazine introduces Weifang Donghang.

                July 2013, flexo printing machine and digital printing machine are certified to CE conducted by China Quality Certification Center.

                July 24-27, 2013, Donghang international agents visit the company.

                June 19, 2013, American Kollmorgen Corp guests visits the company and discusses cooperation with Donghang.

                May 25, 2013, entrusted by Shandong Science and Technology Department, Weifang Science and Technology Administration certifies double servo flexo printing machine, intermittent PS plate printing machine, high-speed color label digital printing machine as Shandong technological achievements.

                May 14-18, 2013, high-speed digital printing machine, intermittent PS plate printing machine, bill machine manufactured by Donghang are unveiled at China Print 2013.

                March 15, 2013, Donghang passes certificate-change audit of quality management system.

                December, 2012, flexographic printing machine jointly made by Zhao Hongzhong, Yu Guohui, Zhang Mingbao is awarded First Session Weifang Significant Innovation Achievements.

                November 21-22, 2012, 2012 PEIAC Printing Machinery Council is held in Beijing. Double servo unit-type flexo printing machine is awarded the third prize of national printing equipment scientific progress.

                October 24-26, 2012, 6th CFTA Annual Meeting is held in Nanyang, Henan, Chairman Mr. Meng of Donghang attends the meeting, and the company is awarded for its significant contribution to China’s flexo development.

                October 17-19, 2012, 2012 China International Label Technology Exhibition is held in Shanghai. Donghang’s intermittent PS plate printing machine and digital printing machine attract attentions of many experts and customers.

                July 14-16, 2012, Marketing Department of Donghang brings its DH320L intermittent PS plate printing machine to Shanghai for label printing exhibition.

                In July 2012, PEIAC officially approves Donghang to be member of the association. Before that, Donghang is already a member of Chinese Industrial Association Printing Machinery Branch and the Flexographic Printing Branch of China Printing Technology Association, and is a vice chairman member unit of the printing branch.

                June 28, 2012, Donghang is titled “Top Ten National Brand” in an election of printing industry, which is the second time for Donghang to win said title.

                May 3-16, Drupa printing and paper exhibition is held in Dusseldorf, Germany, and Donghang shows its double servo unit-type flexo printing machine, DH452 offset printing machine as well as DH320L intermittent PS plate printing machine.

                April 6, 2012, Professor Du De makes a lecture for marketing department and R&D department about the color digital printing machine.

                March 7-9, 2012, Donghang shows its machines in the 19th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry.

                March 5, 2012, Donghang’s high-speed color inkjet label printing machine is debugged successfully, marking the model a development success.

                February 25, 2012, Donghang passes the audit of quality management system authentication.

                February 26, 2012, Donghang’s first self-developed intermittent PS plate printing machine successfully transported to the customers, which is a great step in Donghang history of innovation.

                October 28, 2011, Office director Ms. Li Haoyan attends the meeting on amending Printing Machinery Part of Dictionary of Occupation in China organized by Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China.

                December 23, 2010, national standard “unit-type flexographic printing machine” GB/T25679-2010 drafted by Donghang is officially published and implemented from July 1, 2011. This is the first time for Donghang to draft national standards, which is positive in promoting development of Donghang and leads the industry.

                December 2010, Donghang receives three honors, which are respectively Medium- and Small-sized Enterprise Scientific and Technological Progress Award granted by   Shandong Medium- and Small-sized Enterprise Office; 2010 China Label Industry Outstanding Performance Award granted by  China Printing Association Label Printing Branch; 2010 China Package Scientific and Technological Innovation Award granted by China Packaging Federation. These honors encourage and stimulate us to move forward.

                October 26, 2010, name of the company has changed from Weifang Donghang Precision Machine Co., Ltd. to Weifang Donghang Graphic Technology Inc.

                August 20-23, 2010, Donghang invites Japanese experts to guide our operation at site, which is the second time for Donghang to invite Japanese expert to our company and shows our strong determination to improve machinery quality.

                July 27-31, 2010, the company attends PRINT NORTH held in Beijing.

                August 2009, Donghang is approved to be a member of China Packaging Federation.

                August to December, 2009, there are 150 employees attend external training.

                August 2009, DH452 four-color printing machine passes test conduct by National Printing Machinery Quality Supervision Center, and the experts confirm its leading role in technical performance and comprehensive quality.

                May 12-16, 2009, Donghang attends 7th International Printing Exhibition held in Beijing.

                April 2009, Donghang is awarded “Printing Machinery Quality Reliable Enterprise”, which is the third time for Donghang to win the honor, and sufficiently proves stability and reliability of Donghang’s products.

                May 29 to June 11, 2008, Donghang attends Drupa 2008 International Printing and Paper Exhibition held in Dusseldorf, Germany.

                April 10, 2008, Donghang is awarded “2007 Printing Machinery Quality Reliable Enterprise”.

                May 2007, Donghang is awarded “2006 Printing Machinery Quality Reliable Enterprise”.

                December 2006, multi-color offset printing machine receives CE certificate.

                November 2006, TR330 unit-type flexographic printing machine is exported to Spain.

                July 2006, Donghang first multi-color offset printing machine is ready to enter the market.

                June 2006, Donghang is titled “Customer Satisfaction Brand of Small Offset Printing Machine” and “Best Printing Enterprise of Small Offset Printing Machine”.

                May 21, 2006, unit-type flexographic printing machine successfully passes national accreditation.
                April 8, 2006, Donghang is granted the honor “2005 National Supervision Offset Printing Machine Reliable Enterprise”. At the end of 2005, DH66 of Donghang passes national accreditation.

                September 9-15, 2005, Donghang brings its eco-friendly flexographic printing machine to America International and Paper Expo held in Chicago which attracts great attentions from exhibition participants.

                July 2005, Donghang unit-type flexographic printing machine successfully passes CE certification.

                June 2004, “Donghang” is named Shandong famous brand.

                December 2003, Donghang receives ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification and export certificate.

                October 2003, Donghang successfully launches flexographic printing machine following eco-friendly trend.

                September 2003, Donghang launches DH47II, DH56II models. In October, design of DH66 is completed.

                April 26 to early May, 2003, Donghang moves to Jinma Road, High-tech Development District from countryside.

                Spring 2003, in a sample supervision conducted by National Printing Machinery Quality Supervision Center, all the sampled products are qualified and Donghang is recommended as one of “Top 10 Recommended Enterprises”.

                July 2002, DH47L, DH47NP of Donghang are put into massive production. 

                March 27, 2002, DH52E, DH47E are exported to Indonesia, which is the first time of Donghang machine to go abroad.

                October, 2001, Donghang is identified high-tech technological enterprise by Shandong Science and Technology Department.

                August 2001, Donghang launches models DH47E, DH52E, DH56E, and DH47-NP in October. In 2001, models DH56, DH47 successfully pass national authentication,
                October 1996, the first Donghang printing machine DH52A is manufactured.

                March 1996, Weifang Donghang Precision Machine Co., Ltd. is established. It is a company mainly engaged in research & development, manufacture, sale and after-sale of printing machinery and after-printing equipment.

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