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                中文版  |  ENGLISH
                Product Category
                DongHang JiaoLong Series Flexo Press
                Flexo printing machine DH-ROC series
                Flexo printing machine F1 series
                Flexo printing machine F2 series
                Flexo printing machine F3 series
                Ofem CI flexo printing machine
                Intermittent PS Plate printing machine
                Digital printing machine
                Offset printing machine
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                Tel:   +86-536-8868379

                Fax:   +86-536-8898710

                URL: www.donghang.cn/en

                Email: dhprint@donghang.cn / Internationalsales@donghang.cn

                Mobile: +86-150-5368-1392 / +86 13335241036

                  Enterprise culture  |    Current Position:Home  »  About Us  »  Enterprise culture

                To create a first-class spiritual homestead

                Generally specking, all of us spend one third of every day in the company. Therefore, we not only work there but also study and make friends there. In order to entertain and fresh our staff, we aim to promote the company to the best spiritual homestead full of energy and positive culture.

                To build a top-leading industrial brand:

                As we all know, a famous brand can bring a prosperous future and great fortune to an enterprise. Therefore, we are determined to establish our own brand in the field, although faced with great challenges and stress.

                Mission: to satisfy customers, to richen employee, and to benefit society

                Every enterprise as well as every person has his own mission and objective in society. Donghang’s mission is to satisfy the customers to a great degree, fulfill every member of our staff, and to benefit society better and better.

                Don’t do nothing due to the benefit is little; don’t do anything due to the evil is little.

                Usually, we ignore the value of small businesses, and believe that they are not worth to be done. However, sometimes, a small business can purify one’s mind and cultivate one’s character.

                To be sincere and self-confident, to be active and self-fulfilled, and forge ahead hand in hand

                Nobel interior qualities can assure one has a fulfilled and successful life. Only if we treat every person and every thing sincerely and confidently, we could have a brilliant future and work energetically.

                As we pursue material satisfaction as well as metal fulfillment, therefore, we need to set a goal and then try our best to realize it through our hard struggle. Donghang just offers us a platform where we can make use of every opportunity to perform our abilities to the best.

                A enterprise’s success can not be contributed to one person but to an excellent team. Therefore, every member of our staff should work together to pursue Donghang’s brilliant and prosperous future.

                Concept: No pains, no gains. The objective of our pursuit not merely lies in gains, but lies in everyone’s happiness.

                It is a rule that no pains, no gains. We can not achieve a success unless we make great efforts. However, the objective of our pursuit not merely lies in gains, but lies in everyone’s happiness.

                Competition, contribution, and to benefit society; Unit, brand, and to pursue the excellent

                It is well known that one enterprise can only be recognized by society through its wholly excellent quality and image. Donghang’s good quality from unity, non-stop pursuit is presented through his performance when confronted with hardship and great stress and through his selfless contribution to society.

                Core competence: brand, quality, human resource, culture, innovation

                A famous brand is an enormous asset to an enterprise. We believe that a famous brand can only be established through good quality and excellent human resource. Donghang is determined to establish its own famous brand through innovating products, promoting its unique corporate culture and cultivating its staff.

                Strategic aim: to be the supplier of advanced and high-qualified printing press.

                In the next decade, Donghang is determined and ambitious to be the supplier of advanced and high-o qualified printing press, and to be one of the top brands in the printing field. Under the guide of our corporate vision and concept, our staff are struggling together to pursue a brilliant and prosperous future.

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