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                中文版  |  ENGLISH
                Product Category
                DongHang JiaoLong Series Flexo Press
                Flexo printing machine DH-ROC series
                Flexo printing machine F1 series
                Flexo printing machine F2 series
                Flexo printing machine F3 series
                Ofem CI flexo printing machine
                Intermittent PS Plate printing machine
                Digital printing machine
                Offset printing machine
                Contact Us

                Tel:   +86-536-8868379

                Fax:   +86-536-8898710

                URL: www.donghang.cn/en

                Email: dhprint@donghang.cn / Internationalsales@donghang.cn

                Mobile: +86-150-5368-1392 / +86 13335241036

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                Initially established in 1996, WeifangDonghang Graphic Technology Inc. (hereinafter referred as Donghang) is ahigh-tech enterprise engaged in R & D, manufacture, sale and after-sale ofprinting machine and after-printing equipment.

                With the strategic objective of providinghigh-quality printing machine and the company mission of benefiting both ourcustomers and employees, Donghang continuously improve enterprise managementand technical development, and strive to build “Donghang” to be the first-classbrand in printing industry. Since its establishment, the major economicindicators increase substantially for several consecutive years, andsuccessively mark Donghang a leading brand in Chinese printing machineryindustry.

                Donghang has a strong innovative capacity.Now it has more than 40 patents and still several others enter into applicationprocedure. Donghang has successfully launched F1,F2 and F3 seriesinline type flexographic printing machine, Donghang-OFEM CI flexographicprinting machine and Inkjet digital printing machine. Products covers printingapplication like label printing, paper packaging printing, flexible packagingas well as personalized printing.

                In 2002, Donghang began to step in internationalmarket. Donghang attends Drupa International Printing Expo and Label ExpoEurope several times. Until now, our products have been sold to Europe, Southand North America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East, Taiwan andother countries and districts.

                Website: www.donghang.cn/en

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